Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 9

This past week was, for the most part, uneventful. It’s been really hot here in North Carolina and the entire week it was threatening to rain, yet except for some thunder and lightning on Wednesday night and maybe a little bit of drizzle while we were sleeping, it never did rain. So with the humidity built up to a breaking point, my back has been sore and stiff pretty much every day. Other than that, the week was fairly ordinary. So with that said here is the next installment of Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff.

What I am Stitching

Last week, I had decided that I was going to continue to work on my Happily Ever After SAL and my Year of Celebrations series until I caught up with the month of June. Therefore, I’m still working on those two projects. Although, I have been able to stitch every day this week, I feel like I am not moving that quickly. However, I don’t stitch for speed, I stitch for enjoyment and relaxation, so I’m not gonna worry about how fast I’m going, I will just enjoying the fact that I’ve been able to stitch every day and mostly twice a day. Here’s where I’m at with Happily Ever After:

The section I am currently stitching, is the March fairytale story, Three Billy Goats Gruff. Currently, I am trying to get the Billy Goats stitched up, after that there’s just a few small areas that need to get stitched up and then I should be done and moving on to the April story.

As far as Year of Celebrations goes, I am working on the month of April. As you may recall, I previously had finished February and March earlier in the year.

Here’s where I am with the month of April:

These motifs actually stitch up pretty quickly which is why I’ve been working on them at night, because I don’t have as much time at night to stitch as I do in the morning. So April should be finished by mid week of this coming week and then I’ll be able to move onto May.

What I’m Reading

So far, I am still trying to finish Roast Mortem, the 9th book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series. I am not sure why it is taking me so long to get through this one I typically read a Coffeehouse Mystery book in 3-4 days. With this one, I keep getting interrupted and distracted. Currently, I am about 63% through the book and hopefully I will be able to finish it within the next day or two and then move on to the next book in my pile.

On my Overdrive app, I’m also still listening to The Paying Guests. Since usually I only listen to audio books when I’m driving for work, my progress there is dictated by how often I have to drive in the car. Although, I may try to start listening, when I’m doing housework or gardening. Anyway, I’m at the point in the book where what I thought was going to happen, has actually been revealed to be happening and so I am interested to see where the story goes and how the two main characters define their friendship moving forward.

What I’m Watching

This week I took a break from Bones, and binged watched seasons 1-4 of Orphan Black. Oh my gosh! I’m not sure how I got drawn into the show all the sudden this week. I was aware of the show, because I watch other shows on BBC America so I knew of the show’s existence, but I never really paid attention to it. For some reason this past week I was attracted to a commercial for it that came on during Doctor Who, advertising that this coming season was the final season. On a whim, I looked on Amazon Prime and saw that seasons 1-4 were all available as Prime Videos. I figured I would just watch the first episode to see what it was all about and then I was sucked down the rabbit hole. The show is definitely a sci-fi urban fantasy victory! It is unique in many ways from the plot, to the character development, and even the underlying commentary on relationships and family. There were some times when I had to self censor scenes, that’s a personal choice for me that I choose to not watch certain types of scenes, but because it was on Amazon Prime I was able to skip over those. I’m looking forward to the final season which begins this coming Saturday, June 10 on BBC America.


All right well this is not really a highlight, but the big “event” of this past week is my poor Duke has some terrible hot spots developing, and “mama” had to give him a shave so that they could air out and dry and she feels so terrible because he looks so pathetic:

Thanks so much for reading I hope you have a great week!





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