WIP Wednesday – Episode 21

Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you well and enjoying life. This week I have been trying to work on my Happily Ever After project. Unfortunately, my wrist had other things in mind. If you saw my post this past Sunday, you know that my right wrist started to act up around this time last week. Now I’ve shared before that I do have what I call stitcher’s thumb, which is actually a repetitive stress injury known as De Quervain’s Syndrome (read more here). What’s going on with my wrist right now feels completely different from that experience. So I put my occupational therapy training to good use and have come to the conclusion that I managed to sprain my abductor pollicis muscles in my right hand.

This is not completely unrelated to the stitcher’s thumb, but in fact may be a result of it. Regardless, I am on able to grasp things without pain, many movements of my hand are painful, and I also can’t pinch things without pain, such as needles and needle threaders. Which means I have made little to no progress on Happily Ever After.

Last week:


Well that’s my progress so far, as you can see I did manage to get Aladdin’s head completed and started working on his body before I had to give up the needle and rest my hand. Hopefully, after a few days of rest my hand, I can get back to some serious stitching progress.

Thanks for checking in & happy stitching!


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