Found My Stitchy Bug: A Finish, WIP, & New Start

Welcome to another update on my current cross stitching. Unfortunately, at the start of June, maybe a bit before, my stitching bug disappeared and could not be found anywhere. Thankfully, it has returned with renewed energy and I have quite a few items to share. This week I have been continuing my progress on Animal Almanac, but I also have a small FFO and a new start.

Love Stitching

Memorial Day weekend, hubby and I originally planned a weekend getaway. Like so many others, that was cancelled due to COVID-19. So we decided to make it a staycation instead. We planned out activities, meals, and splurges that are outside the norm. Also included in our plans, was for each of us to have some hobby time. For him, model trains; for me, stitching. I decided to start a small Mill Hill kit from my stash and chose: Love Stitching. It was great fun to work on this piece during our staycation and I managed to get is fully finished this past Sunday. I did finish it as an ornament, but it may end up being the first page of a stitching “junk” journal I’m contemplating starting.

Animal Almanac

Although I am not quite on track with this stitch along, I did make good progress this week on blocks 3 & 4. Working them color by color, two at a time does seem to make the progress go faster, so I might work on this every other month (once I’m caught up) so I can pull out other WIPs on the alternate months.

Midnight Owl

Today I put the first couple of stitches in a new Mill Hill kit, Midnight Owl. My hubby bought this kit for me late last year as a gift with an Amazon gift card he got from work. Once it arrived, naturally I was super excited to receive it and I said “Now when am I going to stitch you?” This was a rhetorical question, but hubby responded anyway and challenged me to have it finished by October of this year. (I believe if I win the challenge I get another kit from my wish list.) So, this gorgeous owl is prepped and ready to go as my bedtime stitching piece. He will be complete by October!

Thanks for checking in, stay safe, be well, & happy stitching!

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