Book Review: Roast Mortem

Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle My rating: 4 of 5 stars Claire Cossi, barista by day, sleuth by night. In the ninth installment of the Coffeehouse Mystery series, Roast Mortem, we find barista Claire Cossi, manager of the popular Village Blend coffee shop in New York City, hot on the trail of a serial arsonist.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book was chosen by my mystery book club for our read this month. The first 150 pages, I started off thinking it was an interesting and intriguing story of deceit, betrayal, and mystery. Shortly after that I was certain I knew exactly... Continue Reading →

What I Read In 2016

For 2016, I set a reading goal of 52 books. What was I thinking? That was definitely an over reach, since I didn’t even make it to 30. In 2016, I managed to read 29 books. Which surprised me since it felt like I was reading quite a lot. In reality though, it wasn’t until... Continue Reading →

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