Sunday Morning Reflections: Sharing My Baptism Story

Happy Sunday & welcome to Week 3 of Sunday Morning Reflections, where I share a faith-based post and/or resource. This week I would like to share my baptism story. Last week I shared a link to a sermon message from our church on the topic of Baptism & Communion. This inspired me to sit down... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Reflections: A Very Unusual Week

Happy Sunday & welcome to Week 2 of Sunday Morning Reflections. Although it is no longer morning right now, which is in keeping with the theme of this week. This week has been so unusually odd in so many ways. From the weather to my up & down response to my current treatment, and everything... Continue Reading →

Something A Little Different

Happy Sunday & welcome to a new and different kind of post. It is very important to me that my online presence represent everything that is important and enjoyable in my life. This includes my faith as a Christian. Therefore I have decided that on Sundays, my dedicated day of rest, worship, and reflection, I... Continue Reading →

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