This Week’s Stitches & Pages

May 4, 2021 Hello May! Even though I can’t believe it is May already, I am so excited for spring & summer. This month is especially aweseome because, now that I am vaccinated, we are making the trip soon to go visit with family! How nice it will be to see them all face to... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Stitches & Pages

April 19, 2021 Happy Monday! What a week it has been! It started off so strong last Monday, then unfortunately I became ill by Thursday and by Saturday I had a flare up of my back injury. So for the last few days I’ve been resting and binge watching A Discovery of Witches. I’ve also... Continue Reading →

Happy World Cross Stitch Day

Happy World Cross Stitch Day and welcome to another update on my current cross-stitching. This week I have been stitching on Animal Almanac, the 2020 SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and Midnight Owl from Mill Hill. Animal Almanac At the beginning of August, I gave myself the challenge of getting caught up with this... Continue Reading →

A Little Stitching & A Discovery

Welcome to another update on my current cross-stitching. This week I have been stitching on Onward Noble Steed, Nutcracker Parade, and Celestial Sleigh. Additionally, I came across a fabulous new cross-stitch blog. Onward Noble Steed The third and final part of this mystery SAL by Lindy Stitches was released on Friday, July 10th. By the... Continue Reading →

Chasing The Blues Away

Welcome to another update on my current cross stitching. This week I have been stitching on Midnight Owl, Animal Almanac, & a Mystery SAL. Last week I was a little off kilter and hadn’t really touched my stitching. On Sunday I had the idea to try a new start; figuring that would be the best... Continue Reading →

Found My Stitchy Bug: A Finish, WIP, & New Start

Welcome to another update on my current cross stitching. Unfortunately, at the start of June, maybe a bit before, my stitching bug disappeared and could not be found anywhere. Thankfully, it has returned with renewed energy and I have quite a few items to share. This week I have been continuing my progress on Animal... Continue Reading →

Over The Moon: I Finally Finished Moonstruck

So is it just me or did everyone wake up on May 1st and say: What happened to April? 🤔 It feels like I’ve been staying safe at home forever and yet it also feels like yesterday was March. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but actually when there aren’t enough unique and... Continue Reading →

Recovering & Juggling WIPs

Welcome to another update on my cross stitching. What a month March has been so far! It feels like I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath since the month started. Thanks to surgical recovery time, follow up doctor appointments and Coronavirus social-distancing, I’ve been juggling three different cross stitching projects this month. March... Continue Reading →

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