Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 27 – Another FFO

Well, this has been an interesting end of the week. Thursday morning I fell out front of the house and banged myself up pretty bad. In fact, my knee is still swollen and stiff, giving me a bit of difficulty. Thankfully it is responding to ice and medicine, just slowly. In the meantime, I’d like... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – Episode 30

Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you well and enjoying life. February is in full swing and this week we have started off strong here at the Refuge Since last week’s update, I have been working on finishing up the September pattern from the Year of Celebrations series. In fact, I finished this one up... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – Episode 28

Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you well and enjoying life. Welcome to another weekly update on my cross stitching. This week I am sharing updates on Into The Jungle and Year Of Celebrations.  Into The Jungle Last week I shared two new starts, one of which is The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s 2018 stitch along,... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – Episode 24 – My Year in Stitches, 2017 Edition

Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you well and enjoying life. Since this is the last WIP Wednesday of the year, I thought I would review my stitching progress, based on my initial 2017 Stitching Plans. Honestly, I have not had many finishes, but I don’t stitch for the finish, I stitch for the stitching,... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 15 – On the Way to Cape May

As I write this post, we are two hours into an eight hour drive to Cape May, NJ for our annual summer holiday! This vacation comes at the perfect time, as I have been dealing with a lot of crap with work lately, and while I have made a decision about that, I need some... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 13

This has been quite a week. We had a nice long weekend at the beginning due to the Fourth of July holiday, and then a very hectic end of the week, also due to the Fourth of July holiday. Yet, hubby and I did find some time to have an afternoon date on Sunday at... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – Attack of the Frog 

This week I needed to spend time finishing up some continuing education courses in order to renew my license, so it only gave me a small window for stitching so far. Luckily, I finished all that today and will have more time the rest of this week to devote to stitching, which is a good... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – A WIP Rundown

So this week I sacrificed my stitching time on Monday & Tuesday to read my book for my mystery book club meeting tomorrow. I started this book kind of late this month. Usually I start reading my books on Friday night or Saturday morning and then I am usually done by Wednesday night or Thursday... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Stitches & Stuff – Episode 11

This week has been a short week for us here at the Rutko Refuge; having just returned from a long weekend away on Tuesday evening. This past weekend was our first attempt at taking the whole beagle pack to Cape May and for the most part it went better than I expected. There are still... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday – A Finish & A Start, or A WIP, You Decide

This week started off wonderful, mainly because I woke up Monday morning at Seashore Campsites in Cape May, New Jersey! My favorite place in the world. Well, actually my favorite place in the world would be either Galway, Ireland or Chang Mai, Thailand. But since I can’t easily get to either of those two places,... Continue Reading →

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